Apply For Twitter Blue Ticks For $8 Monthly Fee

This is well known news that Twitter is now Elon Musk Company. It was a approx 44million dollars deal. Elon musk has removed CEO, CFO and along with other employees from twitter. Initially for verification of twitter account means for a Blue tick one had to pay 20$. Which is surprisingly down to 8$ from a newest announcement from the New Owner of Twitter. lets see what exact are the terms.

Twitter blue ticks are now available for $8 per month.However,The price is based on purchasing power parity and will be less for underdeveloped countries. many twitter users have been upset by this change and have threatened to leave the platform. However, Musk is determined to keep Twitter free of bots and spam.Below is the tweet from Elon Musk.

According to Musk’s Twitter blog post, the new subscription model will give verified users additional privileges. They will be able to post longer video and audio content, receive priority replies and mentions, and encounter half as many ads as non-verified users.

How to Apply for Verified Account

If you want to apply for Twitter blue tick, you must have a notable account. The purpose of this badge is to protect users from scams and spam.Currently, the program is focused on articles, but it will expand to audio and video content later on.

Go to Account settings- Then click on Request Verification- after this supporting documents will be required to confirm your identity. And one more pivotal thing, user account shall fall under any of below mentioned categories.

  • Companies, organization
  • Government
  • News Organization & Journalists
  • Entertaintment
  • Sports & gaming
  • Activists, organizers, and other influential individuals

apart from these there are some other categories which can also be considered for verification.Atleast fall in one category in each A & B Twitter activity.

Already twitter is in process for removing un authentic and un verified blue tick account from jan 22.


If you’re interested in gaining access to the blue tick, the fee is $8 per month. Previously, the fee was $20 per month. However, Elon Musk has changed that fee to $8 per month. This will help Twitter to authenticate every single human who uses the service. This will help combat the class divide in the Twitter app.

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