5 Top Battery Saver Apps For Your Android Phone

Mobile Phone is the considered as the best friend who can be with you around the clock 24*7. Yes this sounds funny, but it is the reality. We start our day from mobile phone alarms clocks to book a cab for office following by ordering a pizza from Food applications, like zomato, swiggy. doing all important works, like paying money for goods purchased/money transfer/playing HD GAMES etc. And to make this happen, one of the most critical thing is Battery of your smartphones. Though there are smartphones which comes with whopping batteries of 7,000mAh like wise of Samsung galaxy F62. These phones can easily lasts for one day with high usage also. But issue comes with the devices which are low on battery capacity and battery drains quickly. Lets see some applications which can help tp save some of the energy of your smartphone.

There are several to choose from. There are also different energy-saving modes that you can customize for different times of day and important moments. Among these, we’ll take a look at Naptime, AccuBattery, Greenify, and DU Battery Saver. Depending on your usage patterns, you can even set specific times for the apps to switch on and off.


If you are looking for a battery saver app for Android, Naptime may be the one for you. Naptime reduces your android device’s power consumption while the display is off by enabling Android’s inbuilt in doze power saving feature. By default doze can take more time to get screen awake. where as Naptime fasten this process and hence less power consumption. Most of the features can be accessed when root is not enabled on your android device, But to use 100 percent of Naptime root must be enabled. It is free, and has been downloaded more than a hundred thousand times. Its average rating is 4.5. In addition, it is considered to used the lowest of battery when the display is off.


Its unique design lets you see how much power is left in your battery, and what actions are necessary to maximize battery life. It has four tabs to display useful information. The History tab shows how much power is left in your device, the per-app battery consumption log, and remaining charge time. AccuBattery is continuously improving its statistics and user guides, based on its users’ behavior. It is having more then 1cr. downloads from play store and above 3lakh user ratings. it gives all science about charging- charge status/ Temperature/Voltage and best part is how much mAh are getting used for applications.

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The Greenify battery saver app is a great addition to any Android device, and works both for smartphones and tablets. This app works by allowing recent apps to remain in RAM, which improves battery life. It also prevents background data gathering apps from being downloaded, which can drain your battery quickly. Users should be careful not to add too many extra apps to Greenify, since this could result in missing important notifications. The app is free to download on the Google Play Store, and there are no in-app purchases or ads.

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DU Battery Saver

DU Battery Saver is a useful application for extending the life of your smartphone’s battery. The app displays how much battery life you still have left, along with how many hours are left to charge your device. It also provides the data regarding Voltage/temperature/capacity of battery mAh used by any application. It offers a number of options, including optimizing background processes and removing problem apps. You can also change the mode in which you use DU Battery Saver to increase or decrease battery life. The app can prevent your phone from consuming too much data, shut down the unnecessary apps, and clean up the memory


It is considered as the best alternative app for greenify. It paused all of your background running processes and provide more Battery life for your smartphone. Once you are done with current app, you can reopen the paused app from task manager. First requirement is you are rooted your smartphone. Otherwise you are not able to use this app. You can select from list of applications which you want to put on sleep when the display is off. this is really a great feature, all unwanted apps will stop running and keeps the battery alive for some more time. You can enable or disable any application service permanently. This app powers the user for next level. If you are looking to sell mobile online then cash2phone is the best platform for selling.

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