The Ultimate Guide to Using Your iPhone 14: Tips, Tricks, and Secrets You Must Know

The latest iPhone models boast some of the most advanced features on the market, but you can still pay the total price. With this ultimate guide to using your iPhone 14, you’ll unlock all of its potentials and take advantage of its many capabilities, from unlocking tricks and secret settings to taking better photos with your device.

Customize Your Home Screen

Take complete control of your iPhone 14 home screen by customizing it to suit your specific tastes and needs. You can drag app icons around to rearrange them or even add folders and widgets that make accessing specific settings accessible with just a few taps. Take time to set up shortcuts and ensure easy access to all the features you use most in everyday life.

Use Screen Time & Restrictions

Using Screen Time & Restrictions is an easy way to dictate what you allow your devices to access. You can choose the age level of content available, apps, and even how long your phone can use each day. This is great for parents who want to ensure their children spend the right amount of time using technology while still having a fun and interactive experience.

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Leverage App Folders

App folders are a great way to organize your favorite apps and make them more easily accessible. Find the apps you want to add to a folder and drag them over each other until a folder appears. Then give the folder a name, and place it on the home screen for easy access. Take advantage of this feature to make your daily iPhone 14 experience more effortless!

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Discover Siri Shortcuts

Siri shortcuts are a great way to get the most out of your iPhone 14. You can easily access actions such as setting up an alarm or sending messages with a few simple commands. To start, open Settings > Siri & Search and tap “Shortcuts.” From here, you can create and customize your voice commands to use with Siri or download existing suggested shortcuts from the App Store.

Utilize Third-Party Keyboards

The range of keyboards in the App Store can make it challenging to know which one to choose. Fortunately, you don’t have to stick with the default iOS keyboard! Third-party keyboards allow you to personalize your typing experience and make it easier to type faster. They offer many features, including custom fonts, emojis, GIFs, and more. To install them, head to Settings > General > Keyboards and tap “Add New Keyboard…”.

Final Take Away

There is always a separate fan following for apple products. People upgrade from one iPhone to other and remain on iPhone. With these few abovementioned points, one can use optimally their iPhone. One can make most money while selling iPhone online, Free door step pick up on spot cash payment. sell it now at cash2phone.

iPhone 15 Pro Models Might Feature a Solid State Volume & Power Buttons

If you’re one of the many iPhone fans that are anxiously awaiting the release of the iPhone 15 Pro, you should keep an eye out for a few things. One of those things is the possibility of the device coming with a solid-state volume & power button.

The iPhone 15 Pro Might feature a solid-state volume & power button

Apple is reportedly looking to replace the clickable buttons on the iPhone 15 Pro with solid-state ones. These buttons would provide haptic feedback that mimics the physical feel of a real button. This could improve the water resistance and durability of the device.

While the move towards solid-state buttons is not new for Apple, the company has not been implementing this technology on its high-end models. However, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, a senior researcher for TF International, believes that Apple will adopt the technology on the iPhone 15 Pro and will add Taptic Engines to the device.

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If Apple follows through with reports, the iPhone 15 Pro will feature three Taptic Engines instead of a single one. The technology will help simulate the clicky feeling of physical buttons. In addition, it will provide haptic feedback to users.

Apple has already debuted a solid-state home button on the iPhone 7, which has a specialised haptic response that simulates the touch of a real button. The company’s Touch ID also uses this technology.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, the next-generation iPhones will include solid-state buttons on the iPhone 15 Pro and the iPhone 15 Plus, while the standard model will still have physical buttons. The changes are expected to come in the second half of next year.

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iPhone 15 Pro models are rumoured to have 8GB of RAM

Apple will equip its next high-end iPhone models with 8GB of RAM. This will give them more room to think, and should make multitasking faster. A recent report by Taiwanese research firm TrendForce confirms this.

According to the research firm, the iPhone 15 Pro will feature 8GB of RAM. It will also feature a new A17 Bionic chip. These chips are designed to help reduce battery consumption. They are manufactured using TSMC’s 3-nanometer process.

USB-C port

Other changes to the upcoming phone include a USB-C port and a new titanium frame. The EU mandates for all devices must come with a Standard Type-USB C type charging port by 2024. So it is quite possible that new iPhones and AirPods / ipads will be having type c ports. If you are looking to sell iPhone Online, then cash2phone is the best website to sell.

Emergency SOS Via Satellite Services Available on iPhone 14 Lineup

Apple has announced that Emergency SOS via satellite services will be available on iPhone 14 & iPhone 14 Pro models in the United States and Canada.

The feature will expand to other countries like France, Germany and Ireland in December. It will also be available in the UK next month. Users of the latest iPhone models can enable this feature through the settings app on their iPhones. Emergency. Airtel 5G Services Live in Gurgaon Now- Check For Live Areas

SOS via satellite services will allow users to send SOS messages from their smartphones without using an expensive satellite dish.

Jennifer Kirkland, ENP, the Grand Junction Regional Communication Center’s 911 center manager said “We dedicate our lives to helping people in need, but there are inevitably people who are not able to contact a dispatcher. Emergency SOS via satellite will allow us to help iPhone users in more remote areas who might not otherwise be able to reach us,

How Sattelite Connectivity Works in SOS

If you are struck in a place where you are not able to connect with your cellular networks or any wi fi networks. Then Sattelite sos connectivity can be done on iPhone 14 & iPhone 14 Pro Models which must be on iOS 16.1. One Needs to be in clear sky with iPhone. No need to raise hands or go to any height. Yes if the LOS- Line of sight is clear , no trees no mountains or any shallows. then will be easy to make a connection with the satellite.

To use the services, Open settings > Emergency SOS > SOS via Satellite >Demo and follow the screen instructions for making a connection. Demo will also work in US & Canada where the service is enabled as of now.

image Souce-

Emegency SOS via Satellite

First of all try to call emergency SOS , In case the number is not connecting, Then try to send tet message with Emergency SOS via satellite. Once you are connected via satellite connection, Your iPhone will send emergency text messages like your medical id, your location and a list of questionnare to the concern. But one must enable the medical id and find my location previous to send the SOS Text. Your iPhone battery health will also be shared.

image source-

These text messages can take from 15 seconds to over a minute to get delivered depending upon the satellite connection. If their are trees and foliage, it might take some more time to get it delivered. All You Need to Know About MediaTek Dimensity 9200 SoC

This indeed a great achievement and and a life saver revolution for the people who were not able to connect with the emergencies authority and tell their location. One can sell old iPhone at cash2phone.

Rs,1 Crore Apple iPhone 14 Pro- This is All You Should Know

The iPhone 14 Pro series isn’t the priciest smartphone in the market this year. At Rs. 1.29 lakhs, it might be a little too expensive for some. That’s why Caviar, an international luxury brand, has introduced an exclusive variant of this iPhone. Caviar is known for taking flagship products and turning the exclusivity dial up to next level. WhatsApp Rolls Out New Update That Lets You Blur an Image

Caviar has also launched a special version of the Apple iPhone 14 Pro, priced at $133,670 (approx Rs1.1 crore). The phone comes with a Rolex watch on the rear, a gold Rolex Cosmograph Daytona, d 8 diamonds. It is said to be inspired by the Blue Bird supercar.OnePlus 11 Pro Expected Specifications & Price In India

“Golden Rolex Daytona is a work of art in itself. And now it gets combined with the latest Apple smartphone, which is perhaps the most relevant invention of humanity right now – a truly monumental work”, says Caviar on its website. “The Rolex watch is not the only addition to the iPhone, but part of an artistic composition that pays tribute to the history of the Rolex Daytona collection

All iPhone Might Come With USB C Type Charger

Caviar also offers a certificate of authenticity with every piece. Their items come with 5 levels of protection. You can also order a personal certificate from them. The Apple iPhone 14 Pro Caviar special edition costs $133,670, which is about Rs1.1 crore in India.

iPhone 14 pro limited edition is designed as racing cars in 1930s.The instrument panel of the limited edition iPhone 14 Pro by Caviar features an ornamental dial. Its oil and gasoline indicators, speedometer, and dashboard switches are all made of 18K gold.

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All iPhone Might Come With USB C Type Charger

The European Parliament has voted to force consumer electronics companies to switch to USB-C charging. However, the legislation only applies to devices that are too small to use the new standard. Apple has been working on a new type of iPhone connector, and it might just be ready for launch this year or next year. Its current Lightning connector is showing its age, and it might be time to switch to USB-C. The Lightning connector was first introduced with the iPhone 5 in 2012. At the time, it was touted connector of the future, but it is now lagging behind USB-C in data transfer and charging speed. Everything You Need to Know About the Tesla Pi Phone

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has said that iPhones are destined to switch to USB-C. However, he adds that the move to USB-C will improve charging speeds. If this is the case, Apple may release a USB-C iPhone in 2023. However, the company has not confirmed whether the new charging standard will be available for all iPhones or those in Europe. Europe is a crucial iPhone market, and it is unlikely that Apple would create a USB-C iPhone for the rest of the world if it were limited to European countries. Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Processor-All You Need To Know

Is It Europe Specific

The USB-C iPhone will unify Apple’s device lineup and offer faster charging, and data transfer speeds. The European Union is also considering legislation requiring universal ports for all devices. Any new iPhone sold in the European Union will need a USB-C charger. It is also likely that some other Android peripherals will work with the new iPhone. Or we can see a rollout of USB-C type for Europe only. In US iPhone 14 series launched with E-sim Only. How to Calculate the Screen to Body Ratio of a Mobile Phone ?

While Apple has not officially confirmed the change, the new European Union standard charger will force the company to replace its historic lightning port with a USB-C port. Apple has yet to confirm which models will support USB-C, but it is expected that the company will be complying with the rule by 2024. Also Check How to Sell iPhone Online


To reduce the e wastage European gov has taken the initiative to make universal chargers for every device. This will undoubtedly reduce E-waste as all devices will work on a single charging port. Yet there has yet to be a confirmation from apple when this rollout happens. we will have to wait for the official confirmation from the officials.

What You Can Do With Your Old iPhone ?

iPhone 14 Series has already being launched and getting the expected response as apple device usually get. People are upgrading to new iPhone 14 series as well as the 13 series iPhone. But what to do with the old iPhone. Shall you keep it with you in drawer or want to sell it for a good price.

If you want to get rid of your old iPhone, the first step is to erase all content on it. This will protect your personal data and open up more options when it comes to proper disposal. You can sell your iPhone for money or donate it to charity. You can also participate in Apple’s reuse program, where you can receive a gift card at fair market value for your old phone. Lets see what are the options which can be considered.


If you have an iPhone that’s more than a few years old, you can donate it to an organization that will donate it to a needy person. There are also organizations that collect old smartphones and refurbish them for use by low-income communities. Also some NGO’s provides smartphones to rural areas children, which help in their study. And this is indeed a good cause in which one can contribute.

Besides giving your old iPhone to a charity, you can also donate your old iPad. You can donate it to charities or schools. You can also find drop-off locations for your old iPad. If you’re unable to donate it to a charity, try giving it to your local school.

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You can also opt to recycle your broken iPhone. Recycling it is an eco-friendly option because it not only helps you to save the environment but also harvests the valuable metals such as copper and silver. You can also sell or donate the other things that you no longer need. Once you’ve recycled your phone, make sure to let people know where you sent it to, so that they can do the same. This is the best thing to dispose of your Old smartphone.

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Sell iPhone Online

This is the best option to get maximum amount for your old iPhone. There are many ecommerce companies which provides facility of buying old mobile phone from your door step. and pay cash on spot at the time of pick up. By doing this you can receive a good amount of money for buying a new iPhone. Click Here to Sell iPhone Online

Offline Or Via Classifieds

Most people also opt for this option also. But this is the most time consuming process to place a advertisement on classifieds. Then wait for a buyer to get in contact with you, then schedule un necessary meetings and unwanted calls. And this will not guarantee, that your mobile will be sold. Although one can get some more money as compare to online methods, But this process has no time line.

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iPhone is the best smartphone considered in the market. Surely costs a person more bucks then the android smartphones comparison. One can donate their iPhone, or sell old iPhone online for getting some extra bucks. if iPhone is broken you can opt for recycling it to some organization.

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What Are the Signs You Must Replace iPhone?

Although an iPhone can last a long time, it will eventually need to be replaced. Knowing when to upgrade is important. There are several signs that your phone needs an upgrade. Physical damage is most common, but you should also keep an eye out for internal damage. Dropping your iPhone or pressing too hard on the touchscreen can damage internal parts. Other signs include slow performance and losing certain functions. If you are having trouble hearing your phone calls, the phone may need to be replaced.

Network Upgrade

In India, the 5G rollout is expected in Oct’2022 Pre Diwali in some cities. And after that, a phase-wise rollout will be done in the rest of the cities as well. If your phone is only compatible with 4G networks, you may need to upgrade to a new phone. The network connection on your old phone may also be inadequate, causing the phone to function slowly. Also, your phone may not have enough memory and will not work properly when using data.

5G Launch in India- Which Cities To Be Operational First?

Degraded Performance

If your iPhone keeps shutting off unexpectedly, And in some scenarios, you are getting a black screen. This issue occurs in old iPhones which do not have the latest iOS support. This can eventually impact the overall performance of your device. Also, the new features are also not supported by older iPhones. You must opt for an upgrade if any of the issues are being faced.


Apple iPhones are generally well-maintained machines, but their batteries are not. Over time, the lithium-ion battery in iPhones can start to lose capacity. Usually, an iPhone battery can last about eight hours without charging. A low-quality battery can ruin your phone. The battery in your iPhone will die if you use it frequently or have too many apps open. This could also be a sign that it’s time to replace the battery. A drained battery may even lead to your phone shutting down unexpectedly. Although battery replacement can prevent your phone from shutting down and is much more affordable than buying a new one.

How to Avoid OverHeating of Mobile Phone?

Faulty Display

A malfunctioning display may be another sign that your iPhone needs to be replaced. The problem could be a hardware related, or a software issue. In this case, it’s best to take your iPhone to an Apple store for an examination. You can also try to restore it using iTunes. This is a great way to back up your data and try to get it working again.

How To Fix-Headphone Jack Not Working in Android Phone.

Hardware Fault

It doesn’t seem cool if one is using a broken iPhone. Or the edges are bent, and the screen is faulty. One should definitely opt to change the iPhone if there are major hardware issues in the device

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What to Expect in Apple 2022 Launch Event

Apple is all set for its annual Apple launch event 2022 on 7th September 2022. Apple is expected to unveil its iPhone 14 lineup and slate of smartwatches at the event, which is expected to be live-streamed. The company has already sent out invitations for the event. This year’s event is expected to take place online via apple TV, and Apple Youtube channel.

The Apple company has become a significant player in the world of technology, with an impressive portfolio of products. It has even stepped outside the realm of traditional consumer electronics and focused on products and services that complement the iPhone

What to Expect

The first question that comes to mind when we think of Apple’s next launch event is: What will it contain? The most common speculations are the new iPhone 14 series, which might have Four smartphones, iPhone 14, iPhone 14 max, iPhone 14 Pro & iPhone 14 Pro Max. This year the iPhone mini smartphone might get replaced by iPhone 14 max. along with this, the new iPad Pro and an upgrade to the Apple Watch. These could be announced at the event, but there’s no guarantee. We may also see an update to the Apple Watch SE. In addition, we could see the second generation of Apple’s AirPods. All details will be there on 7th September.

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Better Camera

As per some rumors, those claims that the company is working on a massive camera upgrade for the iPhone 14 family. The new camera is said to feature a 48MP pixel sensor. Which will be significantly improved for low-light photography. The iPhone 14 may have an improved notch. Jon Prosser, a well-known Apple leaker, confirmed that the iPhone 14 will come with a punch-hole camera. However, the company has yet to confirm if it will be on Pro models only.

Screens galore: the different types of mobile phone screens

iPhone Mini Series Discontinue?

Another speculation is that Apple will scrap the iPhone Mini model that it launched with the iPhone 12 series. Those rumors are based on renders and leaks. In a September event, Apple will unveil a new line-up of smartphones, which may include an iPhone 14 Max. The new iPhones are expected to be a modest upgrade over the previous models.

Satellite Connectivity

Speculations were there from iPhone 13 series launch that it might come with satellite connectivity. Which can be used when there is no Mobile Network available. As per rumors, this year with iPhone 14 satellite connectivity is quite possible. It can also provide text message features. This would be great for people who often travel in remote areas or mountains.

WhatsApp Just Made it Easier To Take Back Your Words!!

Other Features

The new iPhone will come with a revamped lock screen and the latest iOS software, iOS 16. Users will also be able to add widgets on their lock screen. This feature will allow them to view other content without having to unlock their phone. This feature was enjoyed by Android Users for a long. The only thing is what would be the battery consumption when one uses this feature.

iPhone 12 vs Xiaomi 12 Pro: Which One is Better?

Apple’s iPhone 14 is expected to come with 6GB RAM, which is a significant upgrade from the 4GB RAM that was used in the iPhone 13 model. However, the company has not disclosed the RAM specifications of the device, but we can expect a boost in performance compared to the iPhone 13. Well, all things will get clear once the launch commences on 7th September.

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Is It Right Time To Sell iPhone X ?

Are you having doubts? that you should keep using iPhone X or is it the right time to sell iPhone x? Apple iPhone X was launched in 2017. This was the revolutionary smartphone from apple. This is the first time when the home button is removed and the face id feature was enabled. A truly Flagship phone from apple with a notch design. Complete redesign hardware as compared to its predecessor Apple iPhones. Apple phones are always known to work flawlessly for longer duration whether it makes type or software-based. An iPhone can be used for 4-5 years easily without any issues.

iPhone X is almost 4.5 years old and it is quite effective now for a regular user. But if we compare the specification and features with today’s generation phones then it lags in many fields, Like cameras, and poor battery life. bigger notch. let’s see what are the specifications of the iPhone X and whether you should keep it or sell it.

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Apple iPhone X Specifications

  • 5.8-inches Super Retina OLED, HDR 10 Display, screen resolution of 1125*1436-pixels.
  • launched with A11 Chipset & IOS11.1.1 which is upgradable to IOS15.1(Expected to support IOS16)
  • 12mp + 12mp Dual rear camera, with Quad-LED dual Tone Flash
  • 7mp selfie camera.
  • 2,716 mAh nonremovable battery.
  • Face Id/gyroscope/proximity/compass sensor are available.
  • 64GB & 256GB variants are available in silver, and space grey color options.

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Apple iPhone X -Still A Good Choice In 2022 ?

iPhone X is the first revamped smartphone from Apple. If you are using iPhone X in 2022 there might not be any issues with the usage of the device. As the device supports the latest IOS15 and provides flawless performance. A regular user can’t find any bug. But if we look at some points that need amendment. One of the most important things is the display. As all android manufacturers launched their devices in bezel-less displays with small notches. Nowadays punch-hole display designs are trending, whereas in iPhone X a big notch is available. Smartphones these days are coming with battery capacities of 7,000mAh which is enough to run for a day at least with heavy usage. In the iPhone X 2,716mAh battery is installed which is not quite good for a single day usage.

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How To Sell Old Apple iPhone X At Cash2phone

Browse on your browser. Search for iPhone X. Else you can navigate to iPhone X From more brands of apple ads than iPhone X. OR you can simply click here

Select the exact variant of iPhone X, which you want to sell, This has to be exact because prices will be different for 64GB &256GB variants.

Provide input regarding your smartphone. An instant price quote will be generated depending on the inputs provided. For example As of today iPhone X 64Gb in excellent condition and has all original accessories that can give you 16900/-INR*. (prices are subject to change with time) & 17,550/-INR* for 256GB.

If you are agreed to the quoted amount, Fill in the details for pick up. Cash2phone executives/vendors will visit your location as per the date and time stamp.

The device will be checked by our professional technician/vendor. Spot payment will be made if everything is found ok in your phone.

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iPhone X will be getting the latest update of IOS16. So there is not going to be any issue regarding the updating of the iPhone X. Those who don’t have interested in new technology like the image shift camera sensor in the iPhone 13 series can also keep running their old iPhone X. But people who are enthusiastic about new features, better camera for photography, and Vlogs who wants bigger battery should upgrade to a new device. that might be android or iPhone.

All You Need to Know About the Apple iPhone 14

What’s new and what’s next for the company’s newest Apple iPhone 14? It’s possible that the new device is already available, but we’ll have to wait till September and see to find out. The iPhone 13 was a bit of an uneventful upgrade from its predecessor, offering just a smaller notch and a bigger battery – and not much else. With that said, iPhone 14 is expected to come with some pretty huge design changes and new camera tech.

Enhanced Display

In terms of display design, the iPhone 14 may have an under-display Touch ID. Apple has been rumored to have tested a new design for the iPhone 14, according to the great leaker Mark Gurman. If this is true, this design will be on the two iPhone 14 Pro models. In 2023, all four iPhone models will sport this design. Interestingly, the iPhone 14’s camera bump may be smaller than we’d expect due to the iPhone’s thin design and thick camera components.

The iPhone 14 is expected to feature a 120Hz refresh rate, which was first seen in the iPhone 13 Pro phones. This feature was previously only available on the iPad Pro. There are rumor’s that Touch ID will return to the iPad Air and iPad mini 6, but it is still uncertain. Face ID isn’t ideal for masks, but rumors suggest that it could be housed under the display or the power button.

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Punch Hole Design

According to Jon Prosser of frontpagetech, the iPhone 14 will have a hole-punched selfie camera. Apple needs space for a selfie camera and other sensors, including the ambient light sensor and microphone. So, the hole-punch camera design would save space and still allow for more sensors. However, it would also make the iPhone 14 look more like competitors. Those who want to make sure the new iPhone has a notch should do some research. There are also some rumors that the next iPhone might be a Foldable phone.

Light Weight

There are also reports that iPhone 14 Pro models will feature titanium frames. The company is currently testing a titanium-based chassis to improve structural stability and reduce weight. Early renders show the iPhone 14 Pro models with rounded volume buttons, a thicker chassis, and camera lenses flush with the back of the device. Apple is planning a small production run to work out any manufacturing problems. This new device is expected to be available this fall. Rumors have been circulating about the iPhone 14’s design. It’s still unclear whether it’ll feature a major redesign, or stay the same as last year. However, rumors have suggested that it will ditch the notch and use an in-display fingerprint sensor.

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Upgraded Wi-Fi Connectivity

The iPhone 14 may also have WiFi 6E connectivity. This feature is expected to improve wireless performance and is necessary for AR and VR experiences, as well as the future mixed reality headset. WiFi 6E uses the six-GHz band rather than the five-GHz band. This will allow for lower latency and improved performance. The new iPhone may also feature a smaller chip manufacturing process, boosting the battery life.

The iPhone 14 won’t be on the market until September 2022, but rumors have been circulating since before the iPhone 13 was released. There is a good chance that Apple will release four new models by the time it comes to the next iPhone launch. The iPhone 13 Pro, mini, and Pro Max will be withdrawn from sale when the new model is available. One can also Sell iPhone Online for best price. So, get ready to wait and see if the rumors are true!

Little Disclaimer :-if you find any error or missing information please contact us. we will get it reviewed and make the necessary changes if applicable