Best UPI Apps In India

UPI App stands for Unified Payment Interface Application. A digital mode of payment for all needs. And it is gaining popularity in India at a huge level. One major factor was Indian Govt is also encouraging people to use digital methods for transactions. This would be a great step in making digital India. As of 2021 May, this platform has 150 Million users in India which is planned to target 500 Million by 2025. There is a number of UPI-Applications who so ever are providing their services. Let’s explore more into this.

What Is UPI App

Unified Payment Interface is an application that allows the user to send or receive money from another bank account using a mobile platform 24*7, 365 days a. Moreover one can adjoin as many accounts in a single UPI app. UPI was introduced by the National Payments Corporation of India(NPCI) in 2016. Which is Governed by the Reserve Bank Of India. Starting with only 21 banks, now a total of 282 Banks are there.

Benefits of the UPI App

  • The best part is it’s available around the clock i.e. 24*7 and on holidays too, One can use it all 365 days of the year.
  • Multiple Accounts can be linked into One UPI App. Although the UPI id will be different for each bank, which is issued by the Bank. e.g. one can have SBI/ICICI/AXIS bank accounts associated with a single UPI App.
  • Instant Funds Transfer via mobile number/bank account number or QR code scanning.
  • All Merchant payments like recharge/bill payment/Gas payment/DTH/Electricity ETC.
  • In a Single transaction, 1 lakh rupees can be transferred or received.
  • No transaction fees are there while you do any transaction.
  • In UPI amount will be deducted from your Bank account so the Bank interest will be applicable unlike in Wallets where no interest applies.
  • One can make a payment of 20rs or 30rs also with UPI.

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Best UPI Apps In India

There are many UPI applications that are popular in India. Here we will talk about some of them.

1, Phone Pe

Phone Pe UPI App was launched in August 2016. To make it more user-friendly this UPI App is available in 11 languages. A Phone Pe user can transfer or receive money/ mobile bills/mobile recharge/electricity bills/merchant payments/ and even insurance can be bought. Now this UPI App is acquired by Flipkart. Phone Pe is available for all mobile users iOS/Android. This app is having a maximum number of downloads on the play store.

2, Google Pay

Google Pay allows you to send and get money with your Gmail account. It’s easy to use. you can use the app for many other purposes. This is how it works. You need a Google account to use Google Pay. You can link your bank account with your Google Pay account to receive money directly into your account. To receive payments, you don’t need the app. It’s that simple! It’s also free! You only need a Smartphone and an internet connection. You can send money using your Google Pay app in just a few steps. Also, it provides cashback offers and other merchandise offers like other UPI apps are also providing. You can use Google Pay to pay at many retail locations.

3, Paytm

Paytm application is available on any mobile device and allows users to send money via a mobile number to another person without having to download additional apps. It is easy to use and convenient for users. You can make online payments, recharge your mobiles, DTH connections, metro card purchases, and many other things. You can also buy Fastag for any vehicle. The UPI is supported by all major providers.

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Paytm is used to transfer money to any Indian bank account. It is quick, easy, and secure. After you create an account, you will be able to view your UPI ID. To receive payments, you will need to link your bank account with your Paytm account. This can be done by visiting your profile and clicking on the button that reads “Your Accounts”. This will display all bank accounts linked to your Paytm Account.


Bharat Interface for Money) is a mobile payment app developed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) in 2016.BHIM enables users to transfer funds between bank accounts instantly, without the need for a physical bank branch or ATM. Users can link their bank account to the app and create a UPI ID, which can be used to send and receive money. The app allows users to transfer funds using their mobile number or UPI ID, and they can also scan QR codes to make payments.

There are several other UPI apps that are being used.. Here we have covered some most popular UPI platforms. other UPI Apps are BHIM UPI, MobiKwik, Uber, and Whatsapp. all of these applications are providing the same services.

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