A Complete Guide on How to Take Screenshots on iPhone

Knowing how to take screenshots has become essential with the widespread use of iPhones in our daily lives. Screenshots come in handy if you want to capture a memorable conversation, save an interesting post, or share a hilarious meme. This comprehensive guide will explore various methods to capture screenshots on iPhone different models, along with some useful tips and tricks.

Method 1: Take a Screenshot on iPhones with a Home Button

If you own an iPhone with a physical Home button (such as iPhone 8, iPhone 7, or older models), follow these steps to take a screenshot:

Step 1: Navigate to the Screen You Want to Capture. Navigate to the screen or application you wish to capture in the screenshot.

Step 2: Press the Home and Power Button Simultaneously. To take the screenshot, press and hold the Home button (located at the bottom of the screen) and the Power (or Sleep/Wake) button (found on the right or top edge of the device) at the same time.

Step 3: View and Edit the Screenshot (Optional). After successfully taking the screenshot, you will see a thumbnail preview in the bottom left corner. You can immediately tap on it to edit or share the screenshot or swipe it away to save it to your Photos app.

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Method 2: Take a Screenshot of iPhones without a Home Button

If you own an iPhone X or later models that lack a physical Home button, follow these steps to take a screenshot:

Step 1: Go to the Desired Screen Navigate to the screen you want to capture in the screenshot.

Step 2: Simultaneously press the Side button and Volume Up button.

 To take the screenshot, simultaneously press and hold the Side button (previously known as the Power or Sleep/Wake button) located on the right side of the device and the Volume Up button on the left side.

Step 3: Access and Edit the Screenshot (Optional). Once you capture the screenshot successfully, a thumbnail preview will appear in the bottom left corner. Tap on it to instantly edit, annotate, share the screenshot or dismiss the thumbnail to save it in your Photos app.

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Method 3: Take a Screenshot Using AssistiveTouch

If you find pressing the physical buttons simultaneously challenging, iOS offers an alternative method using AssistiveTouch. Here’s how to enable and use AssistiveTouch for taking screenshots:

Step 1: Enable AssistiveTouch Go to Settings > Accessibility > Touch > AssistiveTouch, and toggle the switch to turn it on.

Step 2: Customize Top-Level Menu In the same AssistiveTouch settings, tap “Customize Top-Level Menu” to customize the options displayed in the AssistiveTouch menu. Add the “Screenshot” option to the menu.

Step 3: Take a Screenshot Using AssistiveTouch Now, a floating button will appear on your screen. Tap on it, then tap “Device” followed by “Screenshot.” The screenshot will be taken instantly and saved to your Photos app.

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Tips and Tricks for Screenshots on iPhone

Editing Screenshots: After capturing a screenshot, tap on the thumbnail preview to enter the editing mode. This allows you to crop, annotate, add text, and draw on the screenshot before sharing it.

Capturing Long Screenshots: Some apps or web pages might require scrolling to capture the entire content. Take a screenshot as usual on iPhone models with iOS 13 or later and tap on the thumbnail preview. Select “Full Page” from the top menu to capture a long screenshot.

Screenshots in Messages: If you want to capture a specific message or conversation in the Messages app, tap and hold the message bubble you want to capture. From the menu that appears, choose “More” and then select multiple messages if needed. Tap the arrow in the bottom right corner and choose “Share” to save or share the selected messages as a screenshot.

Third-Party Apps: Consider downloading third-party apps from the App Store for more advanced screenshot capabilities. These apps offer features like delayed captures, screen recording, and more.


Taking screenshots on iPhone is a simple yet powerful feature that allows you to capture and share memorable moments, vital information, or interesting content. Whether you have a Home button, the process remains easy and accessible for all iPhone users. Use the tips and tricks provided to make the most out of your screenshot-taking experience and share your captures with friends, family, or on social media platforms. Happy screenshotting!

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