Is It Right Time To Sell iPhone X ?

Are you having doubts? that you should keep using iPhone X or is it the right time to sell iPhone x? Apple iPhone X was launched in 2017. This was the revolutionary smartphone from Apple. This is the first time when the home button is removed and the face id feature was enabled. A truly Flagship phone from Apple with a notch design. Complete redesign hardware as compared to its predecessor Apple iPhones. Apple phones are always known to work flawlessly for longer duration whether it makes type or software-based. An iPhone can be used for 4-5 years easily without any issues.

iPhone X is almost 4.5 years old and it is quite effective now for a regular user. But if we compare the specification and features with today’s generation phones then it lags in many fields, Like cameras, and poor battery life. bigger notch. let’s see what are the specifications of the iPhone X and whether you should keep it or sell it.

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Sell Iphone Iphone X

Apple iPhone X Specifications

  • 5.8-inch Super Retina OLED, HDR 10 Display, screen resolution of 1125*1436 pixels.
  • launched with A11 Chipset & IOS11.1.1 which is upgradable to IOS15.1(Expected to support IOS16)
  • 12mp + 12mp Dual rear camera, with Quad-LED dual Tone Flash
  • 7mp selfie camera.
  • 2,716 mAh nonremovable battery.
  • Face Id/gyroscope/proximity/compass sensor is available.
  • 64GB & 256GB variants are available in silver, and space grey colour options.

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Apple iPhone X -Still A Good Choice In 2023?

This iPhone is the first revamped smartphone from Apple. If you are using iPhone X in 2022 there might not be any issues with the usage of the device. As the device supports the latest IOS16 and provides flawless performance. A regular user can’t find any bug. But if we look at some points that need amendment. One of the most important things is the display. As all Android manufacturers launched their devices with bezel-less displays with small notches. Nowadays punch-hole display designs are trending, whereas in iPhone X a big notch is available. Smartphones these days are coming with battery capacities of 7,000mAh which is enough to run for a day at least with heavy usage. In the iPhone X 2,716mAh battery is installed which is not quite good for a single day usage.

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How To Sell Old Apple iPhone X At Cash2phone

Browse on your browser. Search for iPhone X. Else you can navigate to iPhone X From more brands of Apple ads than choose the correct model. OR you can simply sell old iPhone X at this link.

Select the exact variant of iPhone X, which you want to sell, This has to be exact because prices will be different for 64GB &256GB variants.

Provide input regarding your smartphone. An instant price quote will be generated depending on the inputs provided. For example, As of today iPhone X 64Gb is in excellent condition and has all original accessories that can give you 15,500/-INR*. (prices are subject to change with time) & 16,900/-INR* for 256GB.

If you are agreed to the quoted amount, Fill in the details for pick up. Cash2phone executives/vendors will visit your location as per the date and time stamp.

The device will be checked by our professional technician/vendor. Spot payment will be made if everything is found ok in your phone.

If you are looking to sell iPhone – cash2phone is the best platform to get good prices and as well as good services.


iPhone X will be getting the latest update of IOS17. So there is not going to be any issue regarding the updating of the iPhone X. Those who don’t have interested in new technology like the image shift camera sensor in the iPhone 13 series can also keep running their old iPhone X. But people who are enthusiastic about new features, better camera for photography, and Vlogs who wants bigger battery should upgrade to a new device. that might be Android or iPhone.


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