WhatsApp Now Allows Editing of Messages Within 15 Minutes

WhatsApp, one of the leading messaging platforms, has recently launched a new feature that allows users to edit their messages up to 15 minutes after sending them. This feature provides the opportunity to make corrections or adjustments to chat conversations.

How to Edit Messages

To edit a message, users can simply long-press on the desired message, bringing up a menu. From the menu, they can select the “Edit” option and proceed to correct any typos or make necessary changes. It is important to note that editing is only available within 15 minutes of sending the message.

Indicating Edited Messages

WhatsApp ensures transparency by displaying the label “edited” next to the timestamp of any edited message. This notifies recipients that the message has been modified. Previous versions of the message are not visible, as WhatsApp does not retain a log of corrections for each message.

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Comparison to Other Messaging Platforms

While other messaging platforms like Telegram and Signal also offer editing features, WhatsApp’s implementation differs in that it limits the display of edited messages to the 15-minute window after sending. This sets WhatsApp apart from its counterparts, as they do not keep a log of corrections for each message.

Rollout and Additional Updates

WhatsApp has officially launched the editing feature, but it will be gradually rolled out to all users over time. In addition to this update, WhatsApp is improving its group chat features to enhance productivity and media sharing. More details about these improvements can be found in their official blog post.

WhatsApp’s Ongoing Innovations

WhatsApp continues to introduce innovative tools to enhance the user experience. These include a curated newsletter, a chat lock for sensitive conversations, and an Android-to-iPhone account transfer tool. Furthermore, users can now add emoji reactions to status updates.

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Benefits and Future Features

The editing feature addresses the needs of users who frequently make mistakes or omit important information in their chat messages. While it does not prevent premature sending, it allows correcting and revising before others see the message.
This update is part of a broader range of features that WhatsApp plans to roll out throughout the year. These include improvements to the display of recipients when sharing media in status updates, the ability to choose from suggested contacts, and the option to respond to others’ status updates with various emoji reactions.

To experience these features firsthand, users can download the latest versions of WhatsApp for iOS and Android and explore the Edit message feature. Although the exact timing for these features’ release remains unknown, interested users can preview them by updating their WhatsApp application. sell your old mobile phone for best price at cash2phone.


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