Best Mobile Phone Puzzle Games

Puzzle games are a great way to spend time on your smartphone. Hundreds of them are available on the Google Play store, and it can be tough to choose one. Some gamers prefer action-packed adventures, while others prefer a more intellectual challenge in a puzzle game. Regardless of your gaming style, there is a puzzle game for you. Some of the best mobile phone puzzle games are free, and others require a paid subscription. These games have a basic concept and can keep you busy for hours. Let’s see some of the best puzzle games.

1,Candy Crush saga

This is the most iconic game for puzzle lovers, Easy and simple but yet a brain teaser. You have to match different candies to move toward another level. There is a number of levels. where the difficulty starts increasing. There are over 100cr+ downloads for this game. One can spend hours playing candy crush saga, There are some new versions also provided by the developers. Like candy crush soda saga. which is also a great game.

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2, Two Dots

Another game with over 50 million downloads is Two Dots by Alt Shift. This game is a puzzle game that has dozens of levels. Players need to position the blocks in a specific manner to bounce the balls into the holes. The game has a light rhythmic element, and the blocks become more creative as the levels progress.

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If you’re a puzzle fan, this game will give you the challenge you need. It has an easy-to-use interface and a simple concept, but the game can be challenging, so be prepared to spend a few hours playing it! It’s free to download, and it doesn’t contain ads. The game also offers many different modes for players. The game lets you choose a time limit or unlimited mode. Some are more challenging than others. For those looking for more challenges, it’s worth trying Dots, which requires tracing lines or boxes through dots. The game has beautiful-weighted power-ups that can be used to help you solve puzzles.

3, Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope is a popular puzzle game with more than 100M downloads on the Play store. The colorful graphics and frantic gameplay make it popular with puzzle fans of all ages. It also requires quick reflexes and precision. The premise of Cut the Rope is simple, but the puzzles can be complex! It is available free for download on the play store.

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4, 2048

Another popular puzzle game is 2048. This is another browser game where players must fill a grid. The grid fills up quickly, so the game is not easy to complete in a short time. As long as you don’t get bored, it’s a worthwhile game to download. One has to fill the grids by adding the same numbers from left to right or top to bottom. Indeed a must-try game for sharpening your mind.

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5, Subway Surfers

One game you should check out is Subway. This award-winning puzzle game has a fun storyline that requires you to guide a cube through different levels. The cube must overcome various challenges along the way. This game has been featured on iOS more than 200 times and has been selected as an Editor’s Choice in 96 countries. This game has currently 100cr+ downloads on the play store itself.

there is a number of games that can also be considered likewise of 100 doors. Brain it on, Bomb Club, etc which are free to download from the google play store and app store.

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