What You Can Do With Your Old iPhone ?

iPhone 14 Series has already being launched and getting the expected response as apple device usually get. People are upgrading to new iPhone 14 series as well as the 13 series iPhone. But what to do with the old iPhone. Shall you keep it with you in drawer or want to sell it for a good price.

If you want to get rid of your old iPhone, the first step is to erase all content on it. This will protect your personal data and open up more options when it comes to proper disposal. You can sell your iPhone for money or donate it to charity. You can also participate in Apple’s reuse program, where you can receive a gift card at fair market value for your old phone. Lets see what are the options which can be considered.


If you have an iPhone that’s more than a few years old, you can donate it to an organization that will donate it to a needy person. There are also organizations that collect old smartphones and refurbish them for use by low-income communities. Also some NGO’s provides smartphones to rural areas children, which help in their study. And this is indeed a good cause in which one can contribute.

Besides giving your old iPhone to a charity, you can also donate your old iPad. You can donate it to charities or schools. You can also find drop-off locations for your old iPad. If you’re unable to donate it to a charity, try giving it to your local school.

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You can also opt to recycle your broken iPhone. Recycling it is an eco-friendly option because it not only helps you to save the environment but also harvests the valuable metals such as copper and silver. You can also sell or donate the other things that you no longer need. Once you’ve recycled your phone, make sure to let people know where you sent it to, so that they can do the same. This is the best thing to dispose of your Old smartphone.

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Sell iPhone Online

This is the best option to get maximum amount for your old iPhone. There are many ecommerce companies which provides facility of buying old mobile phone from your door step. and pay cash on spot at the time of pick up. By doing this you can receive a good amount of money for buying a new iPhone. Click Here to Sell iPhone Online

Offline Or Via Classifieds

Most people also opt for this option also. But this is the most time consuming process to place a advertisement on classifieds. Then wait for a buyer to get in contact with you, then schedule un necessary meetings and unwanted calls. And this will not guarantee, that your mobile will be sold. Although one can get some more money as compare to online methods, But this process has no time line.

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iPhone is the best smartphone considered in the market. Surely costs a person more bucks then the android smartphones comparison. One can donate their iPhone, or sell old iPhone online for getting some extra bucks. if iPhone is broken you can opt for recycling it to some organization.

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