How To Sell Old iPhone 8 For Best Price?

Apple launched iPhone 8 in September 2017 along with iPhone 8 Plus. Another Flagship phone from Apple. with upgraded specifications as compared to its predecessor Apple iPhone 7. Although the display is exactly the same as that of the iPhone 7. But True Tone was introduced first time by Apple. Apple smartphones are always known to work flawlessly for longer duration whether it makes type or software-based. An iPhone can be used for 4-5 years easily without any issues.  As per trend every new year apple Launches a New Operating system with a new chipset. In iPhone 8 IOS’11.1 was introduced which is upgradable to IOS15.3 with A11 Bionic Chipset.

It’s almost 4.5 years old. If we compare the specifications and features with modern phones, then it falls behind in all areas. It’s outdated in design, has poor battery performance, and has poor cameras in comparison to the current phones, even those from the same brand.

Apple iPhone 8 Specifications

  • 4.7-inches Retina IPS/LCD Display, screen resolution of 750*1334-pixels.
  • launched with A11 Chipset & IOS11.1 which is upgradable to IOS15.3
  • 12mp Single rear camera, with Quad-LED dual Tone Flash
  • 7mp selfie camera is housed in front.
  • 1,821 mAh nonremovable battery.
  • A fingerprint sensor/gyroscope/proximity/compass sensor is available.
  • 64GB/128GB & 256GB variants are available in jet silver, space grey, gold, and Red colour options.

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Should You Use iPhone 8 in 2023?

Apple has completely altered the look of its new mobile phones that are launched. Complete Bezel reduced display is a real need in the market. The year that iPhone 8 was launched it was an immediate success for Apple. Its design was stylish and practical. If you compare it with the 2023 mobile phones. iPhone 8 seems of a traditional style. It has Bezels on both the upper and lower edges of the screen. That’s definitely not the best option at this moment.


iPhone 8 comes with a 1,821mAh battery. It is also smaller than its predecessor, the iPhone 7. This was a major problem at the time of its launch. The device was not equipped to provide a solid backup option for users. Battery life isn’t long enough for an entire day for a typical phone user. By 2024, phones will be offering a battery capacity of 7,700mAh. About 4 times the battery of Apple’s iPhone 8. It’s not enough to compete with the iPhone 8. Fast charging is also not available on iPhone 8.

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At the time of launch, the 12mp camera was great, fulfilling the needs of the users by providing some good images. But in 2023 the camera seems not that good as we have 108mp cameras also available in the market. Moreover, the device was discontinued by the Apple franchise.

How To Sell Old Apple iPhone 8 At

Visit  cash2phone From your browser. Search for iPhone 8. Else you can navigate to iPhone 8 From more brands apple and then iPhone 8.

Select the exact variant of the iPhone 8, which you want to sell, This needs to be correct because prices will be different for 64GB/128GB &256GB mobile phones.

The first condition is that the phone must get switched on. After that answer some basic questions about your mobile phone. like how old is the phone, what are accessories available, and what is the overall condition of the device. If a Phone is in flawless condition with all original accessories available, It will definitely increase the resale value of your old iPhone 8. After Putting the details. An instant price quote will be generated depending on the inputs provided.

If you are agreed to the quoted amount, Fill in the details for pick up. Cash2phone executive will visit your location as per the date and time stamp.

The device will be checked by our professional technician. Spot payment will be made if everything is found ok in your phone.

we want to make the process hassle-free for everyone who wants to sell their mobile phones online. 

If you are looking to sell old mobile– cash2phone is the best platform to get good prices and as well as good services.


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