How to Set a Default WiFi Connection on an iPhone?

The rapid evolution of technology has led to smartphones becoming an essential part of our daily lives. They help us to stay connected with the world and accomplish tasks on the go. One of the most common tasks we perform with our smartphones is connecting to WiFi networks. This article will discuss how to set a default WiFi network on an iPhone in simple steps.

What is a WiFi network?

A Wi-Fi network is a wireless network that enables devices such as computers, smartphones, and tablets to connect to the internet without the need for physical cables. It uses radio waves to transmit data between devices and a router, which serves as the central hub of the network. Wi-Fi networks can be found in a wide range of locations, including homes, offices, public spaces, and businesses, and they allow multiple devices to connect to the internet at the same time. This makes it a convenient and widely used method of internet connectivity in today’s world, particularly in mobile devices.

Why do you need to set a default WiFi network on an iPhone?

When you’re out and about, your Apple Phone will automatically connect to any Wi-Fi network it finds. Although this feature can be advantageous, it can also be a source of inconvenience. If you’re in an area with multiple Wi-Fi networks, your iPhone might connect to a weak network instead of a strong one. As a consequence, you may experience sluggish internet speeds and subpar connectivity.

Setting a default Wi-Fi network on your iPhone ensures that your device automatically connects to your preferred network whenever available. This means you don’t have to manually select your network whenever you want to connect to the internet.

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Steps to set a default WiFi network on an iPhone:

Open the Settings app

Opening the Settings app is the first step to setting a default Wi-Fi network on an iPhone. The Settings app can be found on the home screen of your iPhone. It’s represented by an icon that looks like a gear.

Tap WiFi

After opening the Settings app, you’ll come across a list of options. Locate and select the “Wi-Fi” option, which will redirect you to a page that showcases all the available Wi-Fi networks that your iPhone can connect to.

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Find your preferred WiFi network.

On the WiFi page, look for your preferred Wi-Fi network. If you don’t see it, ensure your Wi-Fi is turned on, and you’re in your network’s range.

Tap the blue “i” icon next to your preferred network.

Once you’ve found your preferred WiFi network, tap the blue “i” icon. This will take you to a page displaying more network information.

Turn on the “Auto-Join” feature.

On the WiFi network page, you’ll see an option that says “Auto-Join.” Turn this feature on by toggling the switch to the right. This ensures that your iPhone will automatically connect to this network whenever available.

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Make preferred Wi-Fi the top priority on iPhone.

You’ll see a list of other WiFi networks available to your iPhone on the same page. To ensure your iPhone prioritizes your preferred network, move it to the top of the list by tapping and dragging it to the top.

That’s it! You’ve successfully set a default WiFi network on your iPhone.


Setting a default WiFi network on an iPhone can help improve your internet connectivity and ensure that your device always connects to your preferred network whenever available. Following the simple steps outlined in this article, you can easily set a default WiFi network on your iPhone and enjoy faster internet speeds and improved connectivity. If you are looking to sell old phone in Hyderabad– cash2phone is the best platform to sell any phone online for the best price.


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