Google releases Android 14 Beta 1 update: What’s new in performance, privacy and customization

Google has released the Android 14 beta 1 update, targeting developers and early adopters. This new operating system version includes features that focus on privacy, security, performance, customization, and developer productivity. It also improves the experience on larger-screen devices like tablets and foldable. In this article, we will highlight the key features of this beta release.

Improved Text Wrapping

The Android 14 beta 1 update includes a non-linear scaling curve that helps text wrap better on a phone’s display. This feature is especially useful for headings and other content that does not have much vertical space to expand on. With this update, developers can create apps with text that adjusts smoothly and clearly to any screen size, providing a better user experience.

Robust Per-App Language Preferences

One of the significant improvements in Android 14 beta 1 is the more robust per-app language preferences system. This feature lets users change the language of an app without changing the entire system’s language. It’s a great addition for people who speak multiple languages and need to use their apps in different ones. It also allows you to set up your app’s language to match the one spoken by someone else in your household, making it a convenient feature for families with diverse language preferences.

Custom Actions and Shortcuts in Sharing Feature

The new sharing feature in Android 14 beta 1 allows developers to add custom actions and shortcuts to the system share sheet. It offers apps an easier way to include sharing options such as Send to your device, QR code, or Copy link, making sharing a more seamless experience. In the future, this feature could be extended to include more capabilities, such as creating albums or links, which will be useful for Android photo and video editors and apps that work with documents or presentations.

Improved Share Menu

The share menu is another major improvement in the latest beta release. The UI pops up when you tap on the share button in an app, and now it can include custom actions and shortcuts. This is a good step for developers who want to include more advanced sharing features in their applications. It will be interesting to see how this feature plays out in the final build of the OS, but it’s definitely a good start!

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Back Arrow for Gesture Navigation

Android 14 beta 1 includes a helpful feature for people who use a screen with gesture navigation. The back arrow appears when you swipe to the back, making it easier to navigate the device. This feature will make it easier for users to return to the previous screen or app, improving the overall user experience.
Tweaks to Security Framework
Finally, Android 14 beta 1 comes with a few tweaks to the security framework. This includes changes to image permission controls to help keep your photos safer. It also comes with a new lock screen animation that will show the numbers in a different shape instead of just appearing on top.

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The Android 14 beta 1 update will be available on select Pixel phones, Pixel 4a(5G), Pixel5,5A, Pixel 6,6 Pro, 6A, Pixel 7 & 7 Pro. It can be downloaded over the air or manually through an OTA file. However, Google cautions that the update may be unstable, so it is recommended that users install it on a secondary device and wait for the stable version to be released before installing it on their primary device.


The Android 14 beta 1 update includes several features that enhance privacy, security, performance, customization, and developer productivity. The improvements made to the text wrapping, per-app language preferences, sharing feature, share menu, and gesture navigation make the user experience smoother and more enjoyable. The tweaks to the security framework also help to keep user data safer. This beta release provides a glimpse into what the final version of the OS. If you want to sell mobile online or want to recycle old phone. then cash2phone is the best platform for sell old mobile phone online.


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