Samsung Galaxy S22 FE Might Launch in February

As Samsung has been upgrading its phone lineup, it has been launching more and more expensive models, which could make it difficult to introduce a cheaper model. Fortunately, the FE line could offer a third tier of products. Using cheaper chipsets, the Samsung Galaxy S22 FE series is still priced close to the base Galaxy S phone. However, these models aren’t as powerful as the premium Galaxy S phones.

There are rumors that Samsung is working on a new version of its Fan Edition (FE) series, which is aimed at offering flagship-class features at a more affordable price tag. The company has already announced the Galaxy S22 and its ultra-premium successor, the Galaxy S22 Ultra. It is not clear whether these will be the last versions of the FE line, though they may be.

Expected Launch Date

At the end of the year, it was expected that Samsung would launch the Galaxy S22 FE. However, there was a lot of speculation that the device might not be launched. One of the reasons is the worldwide shortage of processor chips. Another reason is the lack of development firmware for the model. Since the FE series was planned to be the last, Samsung might cancel it.

The company hasn’t confirmed the launch date of the premium models yet. However, there are some rumors that Samsung will launch the Galaxy S22 FE in February of 2023. This model is expected to use Exynos 2300, and a 108MP camera will accompany it. The device will have a plastic build, and it will have five colors.

Take Away

Besides the Galaxy S22 and the Galaxy S22 Ultra, the company has also been planning to launch the Galaxy Tab S9 and the Next Galaxy Fold smartphone. These two devices might be presented during an Unpacked event in the third quarter of 2023. They are expected to be the first to use the AMD RDNA2 GPU 6-core technology. If you are looking to upgrade on a new FE series device, Then sell old mobile phone at cash2phone for best price.


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