The A To Z Of Mobile Phones

In 2022 we are having smartphones with latest technologies like the 120Hz screen refresh rate , mobile phones are coming with 7inches of screen, 7000 mAh battery and the best of 8Gen 1 snapdragon processors. Mobile Phones these days are like computers in your pocket. But have you ever think about the history of mobile phones. When first phone was discovered, who made the first call, after how many years apple comes in this industry, Lets see A To Z of Mobile Phones.

First Telephone Call Ever

In 1876 Alexandar Graham Bell had made the first telephone call & become the father of telecommunication system. One can not think about these developments with out Graham Bell. And so he got the patent for same. Although it was felt not that attractive at that time. But later on this become the pivot thing in everyone life.

First Mobile Phone – DynaTAC 8000X

In 1983 Motorola introduced the first mobile phone named- DynaTAC 8000X. It was so bulky and weigh around a Pound. Due to its size and weight people used to call it a “Brick”. At that time this phone was having a battery life of merely 30 minutes, This was the status symbol for people to carry.

DynaTEC 8000X

First Smartphone- IBM Simon

The First to be called smartphone was Angler which was developed by Canova in 1992. A upgraded version of this smartphone was launched commercially with name of Simon under IBM in 1994. This smartphone was capable of doing some tasks like- Send receive emails, Faxes, address book, calender, note pad. and many other applications were there. The mail concern was here also with size and battery.


Nokia Sold 250Million Units of Nokia1100

Do you know Nokia sold 250million s units of Nokia 1100 model world wide. This is the highest number of any mobile phone sold in history. Nokia 1100 was launched back in 2003 August and was popular for its portable size and the big battery( as per that time). This device got discontinued in 2009 september.

Nokia 1100

Apple iPhone Join The Market

In 2007 Steve Jobs introduced iPhone 1 commerically. This was another evolution in smartphone industry. Operates on its own operating system of iOS. There were total of 6 million units sold of iPhone 1. eventually this iPhone 1 was discontinued in 2008. And iPhone starts coming with up graded features. Now this year iPhone 14 series smartphones hits the market. People are crazy for apple products . and that shows its popularity and durability.


There is a evolution of mobile phones in every aspect. either it is the Bigger and brighter screen or the fastest of processors. Evert thing is changed and is towards enhacement. As long as technology advances we will see more up gradation in moible phones.

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How to Calculate the Screen to Body Ratio of a Mobile Phone ?

These days bezzle less smartphones are in trend and selfie cameras are being replaced by Punch hole cameras to provide the maximum display to users. Even iPhones are coming with a very small notch to compete with android smartphones. So to provide max screen size in a mobile phone called a screen-to-body ratio in technical terms. The screen-to-body ratio refers to the percentage of the smartphone’s body that is covered by its display. The higher the ratio, the larger the screen. It’s especially important to pay attention to this ratio when buying a large-screen smartphone. It’s important to know how much of the body of a phone is covered by the screen because it affects ergonomics.

In Simple Words, we can say if the Body to screen ratio is 50 percent then 50% area of the front is covered with the phone body and 50% is the screen, in the same manner, if the value is 100 then the screen is 100% screen is available in the front end. There are multiple screen ration available in the market, this depends upon the choice of Mobile phone manufacturers solely. it could be 16:9, 18:9, 19.5:9 and many more. so let’s see how to calculate the screen ratio.

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How To Calculate Body to Screen Ratio Or Screen Ratio

The aspect ratio of a phone’s display is also important to know. Most phones follow the 16:9 standard, which is used for movies and computer displays. This ratio is used for most mobile phones made between 2010 and 2018.

Screen ration is calculated by the proportional relationship between phone width and height. we can say x-axis and y-axis. You must aware of the phone’s Height and width in pixels. this is the pre-requisite for calculating the screen ratio value. the formula will work as

Phone’s Height/Phone Width*9

Let’s take an example of 2400 Pixels height and 1080 pixels width of a mobile phone. the screen ratio will be 2400/1080*9 = 20 and we add a 9 in the last which makes it 20:9.

By this formula, you can calculate the screen ratio of any mobile phone. let’s take some older devices Samsung galaxy j8 with 1480*720 pixels dimensions. the screen ratio will be :- 1480/720*9= 18.5 and add a 9 which makes it 18.5:9.

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Benefits of Higher Screen Ratio

A Smartphone with a smaller screen-to-body ratio may have difficulty reaching the top left corner. While big-screen smartphones have a high screen-to-body ratio, they tend to look premium and delicate. One of the reasons for this is that they are harder to hold. And there is no doubt that everyone wants to see a movie on a big mobile screen and also streaming reels on the big screen is better.


The latest phones with the highest screen-to-body ratios are often more used than those with smaller displays. This makes it more difficult to view content on smartphones that have large displays but a small screen ratio value. It’s important to take into consideration the size of the display and its bezels. You can also sell old phone online at cash2phone for the best price in the industry. Click here to sell old mobile phone

How to Avoid Over Heating of Mobile Phone ?

Overheating your smartphone can be dangerous for your device. Sometimes a mobile explosion can occur in case of excessive heating of a mobile phone. Several things might be responsible for overheating of your mobile phone. Fortunately, there are many ways to prevent it. One of the most obvious ways is to keep it away from direct sunlight. Another simple way is to take it to a repair shop for a thorough examination. If you suspect that your phone is damaged, the repair shop will be able to determine if it can be repaired. You might think it’s normal when your smartphone is hot, but a few simple steps can help your device stay cool. Let’s see the possible cause of mobile phone overheating.

1, Avoid Direct Sun Light

Direct exposure to sunlight for a longer time will raise the temperature of your smartphone above ambient temperature. First, always avoid placing your phone in direct sunlight. It can damage its internal components and affect battery life and charging times. Furthermore, it may cause the screen to break. Therefore, when using your smartphone outdoors, always leave it in a cool dark place.

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2, Battery Issue

Overheating your smartphone can also cause problems with the battery. A faulty or swelled battery also can be the reason for getting your mobile phone to overheat. While some heat is normal, overheating a phone should be determined by how often it happens and whether or not the temperature becomes uncomfortable. A phone should not be too hot to touch unless there is an excellent reason for it to become so. In addition, older smartphones may experience more frequent overheating than newer ones. It is especially true for phones that are not updated to the latest version of Android.

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3, Plug & Play

Using your smartphone during power-intensive activities like watching videos or playing games can cause it to become overheated. Never plug the smartphone into charging to avoid this problem and play games or watch videos. It will undoubtedly increase the temperature of mobile phones. Also, could you keep it away from excess moisture?

4, No Of Applications

The next step in preventing your smartphone from becoming overheated is to minimize the number of applications you have open. Open apps are a significant heat source and make the phone work harder. Switch to a power-saving mode when you need to. You can also try setting your phone to charge at night or use less power.

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5, Excess Charging

Overcharging can also result in your phone getting overheated. Overcharging your phone is dangerous, as it can cause the battery to run out of power and shut down completely. In addition to battery drain, your phone can suffer from a forced shutdown and a total meltdown. It is because extreme temperatures can melt the phone’s Central Processing Unit, which can cause your phone to crash. If this happens, you might be unable to restart the phone again. Many people habitually put the phone on the charger at night and remove it in the morning. It is not the best practice for the health of your mobile phone.

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In addition to keeping your phone in a cool place, you should always keep your phone in the shade. Direct sunlight can cause the metal parts of your phone to overheat. In addition, keeping your phone’s software and apps up-to-date is also vital for preventing overheating. Outdated software and apps can have bugs and glitches that can cause your phone to overheat.

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