All You Need to Know About the Apple iPhone 14

What’s new and what’s next for the company’s newest Apple iPhone 14 ? It’s possible that the new device is already available, but we’ll have to wait till September and see to find out. The iPhone 13 was a bit of an uneventful upgrade from its predecessor, offering just a smaller notch and a bigger battery – and not much else. With that said, iPhone 14 is expected to come with some pretty huge design changes and new camera tech.

Enhanced Display

In terms of display design, the Apple iPhone 14 may have an under-display Touch ID. Apple has been rumoured to have tested a new design for the iPhone 14, according to the great leaker Mark Gurman. If this is true, this design will be on the two iPhone 14 Pro models. In 2023, all four iPhone models will sport this design. Interestingly, the iPhone 14’s camera bump may be smaller than we’d expect due to the iPhone’s thin design and thick camera components.

The Apple iPhone 14 is expected to feature a 120Hz refresh rate, which was first seen in the iPhone 13 Pro phones. This feature was previously only available on the iPad Pro. There are rumours that Touch ID will return to the iPad Air and iPad mini 6, but it is still uncertain. Face ID isn’t ideal for masks, but rumours suggest that it could be housed under the display or the power button.

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Punch Hole Design

According to Jon Prosser of front page tech, the iPhone 14 will have a hole-punched selfie camera. Apple needs space for a selfie camera and other sensors, including the ambient light sensor and microphone. So, the hole-punch camera design would save space and still allow for more sensors. However, it would also make the iPhone 14 look more like competitors. Those who want to make sure the new iPhone has a notch should do some research. There are also some rumours that the next iPhone might be a Foldable phone.

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Light Weight

There are also reports that Apple iPhone 14 Pro models will feature titanium frames. The company is currently testing a titanium-based chassis to improve structural stability and reduce weight. Early renders show the iPhone 14 Pro models with rounded volume buttons, a thicker chassis, and camera lenses flush with the back of the device. Apple is planning a small production run to work out any manufacturing problems. This new device is expected to be available this fall. Rumours have been circulating about the iPhone 14’s design. It’s still unclear whether it’ll feature a major redesign, or stay the same as last year. However, rumours have suggested that it will ditch the notch and use an in-display fingerprint sensor.

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Upgraded Wi-Fi Connectivity

The Apple iPhone 14 may also have WiFi 6E connectivity. This feature is expected to improve wireless performance and is necessary for AR and VR experiences, as well as the future mixed reality headset. WiFi 6E uses the six-GHz band rather than the five-GHz band. This will allow for lower latency and improved performance. The new iPhone may also feature a smaller chip manufacturing process, boosting the battery life.

The Apple iPhone 14 won’t be on the market until September 2022, but rumours have been circulating since before the iPhone 13 was released. There is a good chance that Apple will release four new models by the time it comes to the next iPhone launch. The iPhone 13 Pro, mini, and Pro Max will be withdrawn from sale when the new model is available. One can also Sell iPhone Online for the best price. So, get ready to wait and see if the rumours are true!

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