Rs,1 Crore Apple iPhone 14 Pro- This is All You Should Know

The iPhone 14 Pro series isn’t the priciest smartphone in the market this year. At Rs. 1.29 lakhs, it might be a little too expensive for some. That’s why Caviar, an international luxury brand, has introduced an exclusive variant of this iPhone. Caviar is known for taking flagship products and turning the exclusivity dial up to next level. WhatsApp Rolls Out New Update That Lets You Blur an Image

Caviar has also launched a special version of the Apple iPhone 14 Pro, priced at $133,670 (approx Rs1.1 crore). The phone comes with a Rolex watch on the rear, a gold Rolex Cosmograph Daytona, d 8 diamonds. It is said to be inspired by the Blue Bird supercar.OnePlus 11 Pro Expected Specifications & Price In India

“Golden Rolex Daytona is a work of art in itself. And now it gets combined with the latest Apple smartphone, which is perhaps the most relevant invention of humanity right now – a truly monumental work”, says Caviar on its website. “The Rolex watch is not the only addition to the iPhone, but part of an artistic composition that pays tribute to the history of the Rolex Daytona collection

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Caviar also offers a certificate of authenticity with every piece. Their items come with 5 levels of protection. You can also order a personal certificate from them. The Apple iPhone 14 Pro Caviar special edition costs $133,670, which is about Rs1.1 crore in India.

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iPhone 14 pro limited edition is designed as racing cars in 1930s.The instrument panel of the limited edition iPhone 14 Pro by Caviar features an ornamental dial. Its oil and gasoline indicators, speedometer, and dashboard switches are all made of 18K gold.

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