The Ultimate Guide to Using Your iPhone 14: Tips, Tricks, and Secrets You Must Know

The latest iPhone models boast some of the most advanced features on the market, but you can still pay the total price. With this ultimate guide to using your iPhone 14, you’ll unlock all of its potentials and take advantage of its many capabilities, from unlocking tricks and secret settings to taking better photos with your device.

Customize Your Home Screen

Take complete control of your iPhone 14 home screen by customizing it to suit your specific tastes and needs. You can drag app icons around to rearrange them or even add folders and widgets that make accessing specific settings accessible with just a few taps. Take time to set up shortcuts and ensure easy access to all the features you use most in everyday life.

Use Screen Time & Restrictions

Using Screen Time & Restrictions is an easy way to dictate what you allow your devices to access. You can choose the age level of content available, apps, and even how long your phone can use each day. This is great for parents who want to ensure their children spend the right amount of time using technology while still having a fun and interactive experience.

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Leverage App Folders

App folders are a great way to organize your favorite apps and make them more easily accessible. Find the apps you want to add to a folder and drag them over each other until a folder appears. Then give the folder a name, and place it on the home screen for easy access. Take advantage of this feature to make your daily iPhone 14 experience more effortless!

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Discover Siri Shortcuts

Siri shortcuts are a great way to get the most out of your iPhone 14. You can easily access actions such as setting up an alarm or sending messages with a few simple commands. To start, open Settings > Siri & Search and tap “Shortcuts.” From here, you can create and customize your voice commands to use with Siri or download existing suggested shortcuts from the App Store.

Utilize Third-Party Keyboards

The range of keyboards in the App Store can make it challenging to know which one to choose. Fortunately, you don’t have to stick with the default iOS keyboard! Third-party keyboards allow you to personalize your typing experience and make it easier to type faster. They offer many features, including custom fonts, emojis, GIFs, and more. To install them, head to Settings > General > Keyboards and tap “Add New Keyboard…”.

Final Take Away

There is always a separate fan following for apple products. People upgrade from one iPhone to other and remain on iPhone. With these few abovementioned points, one can use optimally their iPhone. One can make most money while selling iPhone online, Free door step pick up on spot cash payment. sell it now at cash2phone.

Rs,1 Crore Apple iPhone 14 Pro- This is All You Should Know

The iPhone 14 Pro series isn’t the priciest smartphone in the market this year. At Rs. 1.29 lakhs, it might be a little too expensive for some. That’s why Caviar, an international luxury brand, has introduced an exclusive variant of this iPhone. Caviar is known for taking flagship products and turning the exclusivity dial up to next level. WhatsApp Rolls Out New Update That Lets You Blur an Image

Caviar has also launched a special version of the Apple iPhone 14 Pro, priced at $133,670 (approx Rs1.1 crore). The phone comes with a Rolex watch on the rear, a gold Rolex Cosmograph Daytona, d 8 diamonds. It is said to be inspired by the Blue Bird supercar.OnePlus 11 Pro Expected Specifications & Price In India

“Golden Rolex Daytona is a work of art in itself. And now it gets combined with the latest Apple smartphone, which is perhaps the most relevant invention of humanity right now – a truly monumental work”, says Caviar on its website. “The Rolex watch is not the only addition to the iPhone, but part of an artistic composition that pays tribute to the history of the Rolex Daytona collection

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Caviar also offers a certificate of authenticity with every piece. Their items come with 5 levels of protection. You can also order a personal certificate from them. The Apple iPhone 14 Pro Caviar special edition costs $133,670, which is about Rs1.1 crore in India.

iPhone 14 pro limited edition is designed as racing cars in 1930s.The instrument panel of the limited edition iPhone 14 Pro by Caviar features an ornamental dial. Its oil and gasoline indicators, speedometer, and dashboard switches are all made of 18K gold.

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What Are the Signs You Must Replace iPhone?

Although an iPhone can last a long time, it will eventually need to be replaced. Knowing when to upgrade is important. There are several signs that your phone needs an upgrade. Physical damage is most common, but you should also keep an eye out for internal damage. Dropping your iPhone or pressing too hard on the touchscreen can damage internal parts. Other signs include slow performance and losing certain functions. If you are having trouble hearing your phone calls, the phone may need to be replaced.

Network Upgrade

In India, the 5G rollout is expected in Oct’2022 Pre Diwali in some cities. And after that, a phase-wise rollout will be done in the rest of the cities as well. If your phone is only compatible with 4G networks, you may need to upgrade to a new phone. The network connection on your old phone may also be inadequate, causing the phone to function slowly. Also, your phone may not have enough memory and will not work properly when using data.

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Degraded Performance

If your iPhone keeps shutting off unexpectedly, And in some scenarios, you are getting a black screen. This issue occurs in old iPhones which do not have the latest iOS support. This can eventually impact the overall performance of your device. Also, the new features are also not supported by older iPhones. You must opt for an upgrade if any of the issues are being faced.


Apple iPhones are generally well-maintained machines, but their batteries are not. Over time, the lithium-ion battery in iPhones can start to lose capacity. Usually, an iPhone battery can last about eight hours without charging. A low-quality battery can ruin your phone. The battery in your iPhone will die if you use it frequently or have too many apps open. This could also be a sign that it’s time to replace the battery. A drained battery may even lead to your phone shutting down unexpectedly. Although battery replacement can prevent your phone from shutting down and is much more affordable than buying a new one.

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Faulty Display

A malfunctioning display may be another sign that your iPhone needs to be replaced. The problem could be a hardware related, or a software issue. In this case, it’s best to take your iPhone to an Apple store for an examination. You can also try to restore it using iTunes. This is a great way to back up your data and try to get it working again.

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Hardware Fault

It doesn’t seem cool if one is using a broken iPhone. Or the edges are bent, and the screen is faulty. One should definitely opt to change the iPhone if there are major hardware issues in the device

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How to Check Is Your iPhone Battery Needs Replacement ?

If you’ve noticed the battery life of your iPhone is getting shorter, it might need to be replaced. A study found that around one-third of iPhone owners decide to buy new devices as their batteries begin to fail. The signs of a dying battery can include erratic operation or warning messages. Replacing your battery will fix the issue and ensure that your iPhone runs smoothly and robustly. iOS 11.3 introduced a new function for assessing the health of your battery to iPhone. However, critics claimed Apple had secretly slowed down older iPhones and created problems.
Battery In Service

Fortunately, you’re fortunate that your iPhone has the option to monitor the health of your battery which lets you know when it is time to replace it. With this feature, you’ll be able to check if the battery is insufficient to run the device. However, if your battery is significantly decreased and is no longer functioning, it could be a timely replacement. If you want to extend the life of your battery, you can limit the number of times you charge your iPhone. These options are available within the Settings app under the Battery tab.

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Swollen Battery

If the battery is swallowed to unusable, it must be replaced as quickly as possible. When disposing of it, you should carefully remove it. Avoid piercing the battery because it could cause the leakage of toxic substances. Other indicators of battery swelling include a white, hazy screen, a gap between the display and body, and squishiness on the show.

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Keep Track Of Battery Usage

If you want to look at the life of your battery on your iPhone more precisely, then you can download the Apple Support app. It provides a fundamental analysis of the health of your battery, as well as graphs. A battery typically lasts between 2 and 3 years with regular usage. It is expected to retain around 80 percent of its initial capacity by the time it has reached 500 cycles. Therefore, it’s crucial to examine the battery regularly. If you’re working with your mobile phone, it could be time to replace your battery.

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How To Replace the Battery

A replacement iPhone battery is an essential investment in your mobile device. If you’re looking for ways to repair your iPhone yourself, you can purchase a DIY battery replacement kit Online/Offline. But this option is risky as you’re potentially replacing a dangerous knock-off or reconditioned old battery. You can also consider sell iPhone and getting a new one if you’d prefer not to buy another one. However, this method can be costly, which will lead to saving most of your money.

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It must provide an excellent backup to bring the best from your iPhone. If there are any scenarios stated above, then you should opt to change the battery of your iPhone. You should bring it to the nearest store. After you’ve replaced the battery, you’ll observe a usual battery health indicator.