5G Launch in India- Which Cities To Be Operational First ?

In many countries, including USA & China, 5G services are already running. The Indian Government has ordered the 5G services to launch on 29th September in India. The auction had already taken place, and all significant Operators like Airtel, JIO & VI had also bought the licenses with some new players.

What to Expect in 5G

5G networks offer a speed ten times than the 4G network. Like if you are getting a data speed of 100mbps in a 4G network, that will be 1000mbps in a 5G network. 5G is designed to connect many more devices than smartphones and offer higher capacity and speed. The government is actively involved in the rollout of 5G services in India, enlisting the help of top research institutes to test new 5G technologies.

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According to some rumors, Airtel & JIO are all set to provide 5G services in selected Cities by this Diwali. And then phase-wise Rollout in other cities. A total of 13 cities is listed for the 1st phase. There is no confirmation from VI when they will start the Rollout for 5G services.


1, Do You Need to Change the Mobile Phone

First of all, you need to check the network compatibility of your mobile phones. Almost all new mid-range mobile phones come with 5G connectivity. But you have to check for your mobile phone. Go to Settings>> Network>>select network. If 5G is mentioned there, your smartphone is 5G enabled, and you don’t need to buy a new one.

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2, Which Cities to Get 5G Services First

A total of 13 cities were selected for the 1st phase rollout. Below is the city’s name. After this rest cities will be done phase-wise. Although there will be some selected areas in these cities too where the 5g will be available in starting.


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2, When Can avail of 5G services

Though 5G services will be live in the cities mentioned above first, per some reports, JIO & Airtel will provide 5G services before this Diwali.

3, Do You Need To Change SIM

No, You Don’t need to change your 4GNo, Don’t need to change your 4 G-enabled sim card. All you need is a 5 G-enabled mobile phone. Insert the SIM in a 5 G-enabled smartphone & you can use the 5G services if 5G services are rolled out in your city.

4, Is 5G costlier than 4G

Yes, the cost might be higher than the 4G Network as the throughput is almost ten times higher than the 4G network. And more costs will be involved in the rollout..

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