How 5G Services Can Impact Your Phone’s Battery

5G Technology has been pushing the boundaries of what’s possible for smartphone users—but does this come with a cost in terms of battery life? In this article, we’ll explore how 5G services can impact your device’s battery usage and offer tips on maximizing energy efficiency when connected to a 5G network

Impact On Battery

5G connectivity offers much faster speeds than the current 4G LTE standard, meaning that more of your phone’s resources are being used at once to give you this increased data transmission rate. This can lead to a battery drain as the processor needs to work harder to keep up with the demands placed upon it. 

The faster speeds of 5G Network mean that users are likely going to be streaming more content on the go, and with this extra data comes an associated battery drain due to having multiple network connections running at any one time. Although 5G networks offer economies of scale when it comes to power usage, this may not always be enough for some devices and services.

Understand Your Phone Model’s Capabilities.

Different phone models have different capabilities when it comes to battery life. Knowing how long your device will last on a single charge and how long it takes to charge fully can help you plan accordingly when using 5G services. If you want to maximize battery life on 5G networks, check out settings like low-power mode and background tracks. Additionally, selecting a quality external battery pack or charging case is very useful in keeping your device topped up throughout the day.

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Streamline Your Network Setup for 5G.

You should set up your network with 5G priority to save battery life. While you may have 4G and 5G enabled on your device, it will prioritize 5G access when possible. You can configure the settings to only connect to a 5G connection or allow 4G to kick in if the connection isn’t strong enough. Doing this ensures you get the highest data speed while using as little battery power as possible.

Explore Battery Saving Mode Settings.

When 5G services are enabled on your device, you can help conserve battery life with battery-saving mode settings. These settings will limit network usage when your phone isn’t actively in use and turn off certain features that might be draining too much energy. Additionally if your device has a setting to “sleep” the signal when not in use, this should be activated to ensure that 5G networks are consuming less power while the phone is not being utilized.

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Utilize Smart Device Automation Features.

Many smartphone devices come equipped with helpful automated features for energy conservation. By setting specific times for when your device is in sleeping mode and when it’s active, you can optimize your phone’s battery life whenever a 5G network is enabled. This can be especially helpful if you’re using specific applications or streaming services that require a lot of data. With the help of automation features, 5G connectivity saving mode may extend your battery life by up to 25%.

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Upgrade to More Efficient 5G Devices and Batteries.

As 5G networks become increasingly popular, it’s vital to consider swapping out your outdated and inefficient device for one that’s more energy-efficient. Fortunately, many new professional-grade and consumer-grade smartphones are equipped with better batteries specifically designed to handle the power consumption of 5G services. If you’re using an older phone, investing in a more powerful battery may be necessary to take full advantage of all that 5G has to offer without sacrificing your phone’s battery life.

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5G Launch in India- Which Cities To Be Operational First ?

In many countries, including USA & China, 5G services are already running. The Indian Government has ordered the 5G services to launch on 29th September in India. The auction had already taken place, and all significant Operators like Airtel, JIO & VI had also bought the licenses with some new players.

What to Expect in 5G

5G networks offer a speed ten times than the 4G network. Like if you are getting a data speed of 100mbps in a 4G network, that will be 1000mbps in a 5G network. 5G is designed to connect many more devices than smartphones and offer higher capacity and speed. The government is actively involved in the rollout of 5G services in India, enlisting the help of top research institutes to test new 5G technologies.

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According to some rumors, Airtel & JIO are all set to provide 5G services in selected Cities by this Diwali. And then phase-wise Rollout in other cities. A total of 13 cities is listed for the 1st phase. There is no confirmation from VI when they will start the Rollout for 5G services.


1, Do You Need to Change the Mobile Phone

First of all, you need to check the network compatibility of your mobile phones. Almost all new mid-range mobile phones come with 5G connectivity. But you have to check for your mobile phone. Go to Settings>> Network>>select network. If 5G is mentioned there, your smartphone is 5G enabled, and you don’t need to buy a new one.

How to Check Is Your iPhone Battery Needs Replacement ?

2, Which Cities to Get 5G Services First

A total of 13 cities were selected for the 1st phase rollout. Below is the city’s name. After this rest cities will be done phase-wise. Although there will be some selected areas in these cities too where the 5g will be available in starting.


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2, When Can avail of 5G services

Though 5G services will be live in the cities mentioned above first, per some reports, JIO & Airtel will provide 5G services before this Diwali.

3, Do You Need To Change SIM

No, You Don’t need to change your 4GNo, Don’t need to change your 4 G-enabled sim card. All you need is a 5 G-enabled mobile phone. Insert the SIM in a 5 G-enabled smartphone & you can use the 5G services if 5G services are rolled out in your city.

4, Is 5G costlier than 4G

Yes, the cost might be higher than the 4G Network as the throughput is almost ten times higher than the 4G network. And more costs will be involved in the rollout..

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