WhatsApp Just Made it Easier To Take Back Your Words!!

WhatsApp just made it easier to take back your words. The Facebook-owned messaging service now allows you to delete messages even after two days, instead of the previous limit of just one hour. WhatsApp was doing this beta version testing since July 2022. Today the company officially released the new update, In this update, one can delete the sent message even after 60 hours. Earlier the time limit was of 1 hour 8 minutes and 16 seconds.

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The popular messaging app WhatsApp has announced a new update that will allow users to delete messages even after they have been sent. This new feature will be handy when you accidentally send a message to the wrong person or if you change your mind after sending a message. To delete a message, press and hold on to the message and select the ‘delete’ option. It will then delete the message from both your and the recipient’s devices. However, there is a catch – you can only delete messages within two days of sending them. So if you’re trying to take back something you said two weeks ago, you’re out of luck.

Both users should be on the same updated version of WhatsApp then only these features will be operational.

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What do people expect?

We’ve all been there before – you send a message on WhatsApp and regret it. This is a game-changer for anyone who relies on WhatsApp for communication, as it gives you a chance to take back your words if you accidentally say something you shouldn’t have. Overall, this welcome addition will save many people from potential embarrassment. One can sell old mobile phone online at cash2phone for the best price.

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